Eyes Wide Shut 3

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"It was such a dream-come-true for Chris to be involved in this project" enthuses Linda. "He was such a fan of Kubrick's work and was blown away by 2001. He came out bemused and said "What on earth is he trying to say?"

When the call came for Chris to transform Pinewood Studios into Greenwich Village in New York and follow the main character through nighttime walks, strange lights and exotic signs, it was the hilight of his career.

Parts of Greenwich Village were recreated sign-by-sign by Gods Own Junkyard at Pinewood Studios. Linda also explains that Kubrick didn't want to bring in any additional lighting other than what was included in the set. The atmosphere was achieved by thousands of multi-coloured Christmas lights, which the Bracey's have referenced in their Leadenhall Kubrick vignette alongside the Rainbow sign from the fancy dress shop and Sonata Jazz. Chris and son Marcus (who also appears in the film) remained on set throughout at even shared Indian takeaways on the floor with Kubrick during evening filming breaks.

"The atmosphere on set was amazing. The ambient lighting from the neon and multi-coloured fairy lights really did set the scene. The film took 2 years to make and working with Stanley Kubrick was an absolute honour".